Saturday, November 4, 2017

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In 2011 a divorce forced me to sell all of my music collection. I lost it all. There were thousands of records and some that will never be pressed again. I saved nothing from that loss except for a hard drive full of mp3 files.

Fast forward to 2017. Here we are, the beginning of Nap Town Records. This site is going to review music from the perspective of life stories and situations that fit the mood. I am not a professional critic, but I have been paid to write a great deal. This blog is about music, which is the universal language that speaks to millions.

I use Spotify Premium to stream music. I also buy vinyl on occasion, and compact discs if I feel so inclined. This blog is a labor of love, but you can always support the cause by donating money our way. You can message the editor for more information on that, or you could leave a comment if you’re so inclined.

I rate all records between 1 and 5 stars, and do not try to be negative about anything. I love music, and welcome comments, and suggestions. If you’re in a band and you find this page, then follow these quick points.

For Bands Wanting To Be Reviewed on Nap Town Records Only

If you find this page and we don’t already cover your records, then you need to send us information about your band, musical project etc. Secondly, you will need to drop us a payment. Money is tight for us all, but this is a passion project and we aren’t getting rich. If you’d like us to stop what we are doing to listen to your records, send us some money, at least $10. More will get you more coverage, but $10 will stop us from doing our next review and listening to your record and reviewing it.

Want more? Well drop us more money, this is an economic decision we’ve made due to the time it takes for our writer to listen, and review records, then send them to the editor before publishing. If we find your record first, you don’t pay us, but if you want us to review your record, it costs a little bit of money, sorry, not sorry.

Email sirjorge AT Gmail dot com and be nice, he’s busy editing John’s random notes and scribbles. You may also see writing from Jay Dune, but he doesn’t get credit.

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