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The Aquabats The Fury of The Aquabats (1997) Review

The Fury of The Aquabats (1997) LP Cover 
The last review we went back to the 1990s where we discussed the debut full length from The Aquabats. Today, we go forward in time to October 28, 1997. This is where the band once again formed to release a set of songs that would become the most compelling and bestselling for the band at the time. You have to remember, in the late 1990s, there was a new wave of ska music hitting alternative radio. My home town station, KROQ was playing lots of ska and punk, and they even played the first single off of “The Fury of The Aquabats”. This record came out in October of 1997, and it hit the ground running with a couple of singles, led by “Super Rad” which I recommended on another blog.

Hilarity Ensues on “The Fury of The Aquabats”

The music here is once again blatantly comedic. The band doesn’t hold back in terms of comedy. Every song has a joke to it, and you’re going to laugh, or you’re going to think it’s too wacky. The band has made a living and name for themselves by being comic book characters of sorts, even though the music is far more advanced than the lyrical integrity. The songs on this record go from fun to laughable, to advanced in the way that they are composed.

Some of the stand out tracks that hit you right away include “Super Rad”, “My Skateboard”, “Cat with 2 heads”, “Idiot Box”, “Lobster Bucket”, “Powdered Milk Man”, and more. It is a funny little record that has 51 minutes and 16 songs that are just fun to listen to. The band doesn’t take itself too seriously, and you’re going to love the way that the songs transition. While the record was able to chart high in the Billboard Chart, there’s some reasons why this record didn’t get as much love as some of the bigger bands from the time frame.

The Drums of The Baron Von Tito

Interesting to note is the drums on this record. Of course, you are going to have alto, tenor, and baritone sax, piano, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, organ, sousaphone, finger cymbals, violin, moog synth, and so much more on this record, but it’s really the drums that you’re going to want to pay attention to. Why? Because it features The Baron Von Tito! Who is this mystical drummer? Well, it’s none other than Travis Barker! That’s right, Travis Barker was the drummer for “The Fury of The Aquabats”, and while the band toured with Blink-182, he decided to make the jump with the blessing of The Aquabats. The rest is history. The drums here are great, they aren’t insane like he plays with other records, but they make you like the record a little more. Although, I love the bass guitar which is played by Crash McLarson.

Bobcat Goldthwait Directs A Video

One last note about this record is that “Super Rad” spawned a music video. I caught it on a compilation VHS tape that I had lying around, and it was directed by none other than Bobcat Goldthwait. Yes, that Bobcat! So cool, right?! The comedian helped the band work on a television pilot, but the single didn’t do as well as the band had hoped, even though MTV played the track all the time. Aside from the video, this record has a lot of great timing, good horn playing, and some funny moments. It’s a comic book written in punk and ska music, with great moments. I love the bass line, the horns, and the lyrical comedy that the band was able to push out. This was so far ahead of its time if you ask me, and now, many more people know the band for their television show, and raucous performances.

I give The Aquabats “The Fury of The Aquabats” a 4 out of 5.

This is definitely for ska fans. It’s not for casual fans of music, because the comedic elements are going to make some laugh too hard to enjoy it on a regular basis.

You can buy The Aquabats “The Fury of The Aquabats” on cassette, compact disc, stream it, or just find it somewhere online by clicking here.

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